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Soil Sampling

Soil sampling

By investing in soil sampling you can improve crop quality and yield, enhance your planning capabilities, comply with environmental regulations, and access natural or sustainable farming incentives.

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Nutrient Management and Fertiliser by Eco Prospects

Nutrient Management Planning

We combine software solutions and expert advice so that you can make real-time adjustments and informed decisions. This leads to efficient nutrient use, sustainable practices, and improved crop performance.

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Fertiliser Recommendations

Fertiliser Recommendations

Combining technology, in-depth analysis, and expert advice, our fertiliser recommendations help you to make informed decisions about fertiliser application. Cost-efficiencies and improved crop performance are key outcomes.

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Grass Measuring by Eco Prospects

Grass Measuring

Given the substantial investment in land and the importance of maximising grass and clover growth, independent grass measuring services are a logical and valuable decision-making tool for farm management.

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Soil Sampling by Eco Prospects

Soil Health

By focusing on soil biology and understanding the key influencers, we can provide long- and short-term plans tailored to your farm’s specific soil type. This guides you in managing and improving your soil health.

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Ben Goad

About Us

Be assured that your soil and crop health will benefit from comprehensive experience and knowledge. Ben is Fertiliser Advisor Certification and Training Scheme certified and maintains professional register status.

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Who are we

Eco prospects are independent advisors. The advantage of this is that being independent means that we can provide unbiased and unrestricted advice.

Being independent also means that we are not obliged to sell one specific brand or product, instead we can choose from several. This enables us to always offer the best solution for your farm in terms of soil and crop nutrition.

We will recommend products that we think are the most appropriate and that will provide you with the most benefits. The recommendations we give to one farm may be very different to another farm because as an independent advisor, Eco Prospects is able to match the right solution and products for each individual farm. We don’t have to fit our clients’ requirements into a restricted range of products or solutions.

In the current climate with rising energy and fertilisers prices in conjunction with environmental and government policy, having a thorough understanding of the farms inputs has never been so important. The most simple and efficient way to do this is to measure what is in your soil with a variety of sample numbers and analysis to suit your farm business needs.

Based on the results we will match the best approach in terms of inputs, from lime, fertilisers and manure. This knowledge and expertise is based on 20 years of experience matching soil and crop needs with manures and soil science.

Working with Eco Prospects

We act as a trusted advocate, supporting your business to grow. We bring:

  • Productive working relationships
  • A personal servicel
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Practical, tailored solutions
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