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Organics Recycling

With the advent of the landfill directive, the need to recycle beneficial materials to land for either agriculture or land restoration has been the one of the best solutions of unwanted waste or by-products.

If you are a producer of waste, by-products, bio solids and digestate, Eco Prospects has a track record of providing innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

The recycling of materials to land in the UK has a high element of regulatory requirements, which must be entwined with land requirements and that of the producer. Eco Prospects has 20 years of experience in this arena and can deliver a bespoke and robust solution. We always take into account the surrounding pressures of the modern business world.

Eco Prospects been helping the UK farmers, waste producers and specialist anaerobic digestors to benefit from renewables by managing key commercial, regulatory and technical areas. Our clients tell us that our advice and support has measurable business benefits and we’d like to think we can help you too.

Eco Prospects is at the forefront of developing the link from the renewables sector to agriculture in the use of a renewable fertiliser.

We provide straight-talking renewables, agronomic and commercial advice from a seasoned sales manager. Here are the three main areas of specific projects and knowledge to help you.

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For the agricultural industry...

For the agricultural industry Eco Prospects offer specific sales in renewable fertilisers
Compost helps to increase organic matter and reduces the need for artificial fertilisers.

  • Digestate supplies: Readily available amounts of nitrogen that will significantly improve your gross margin.
  • Agronomic advice: Complete bespoke nutrient management systems for customers to enhance their use of nutrients.
  • Fertiliser Agronomic Certificate Training Scheme (FACTS) Qualified: UK qualification for advice on all nutrients to the UK farming systems.
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Extensive Working Relationships

We have extensive working relationships with hauliers and spreading contractors nationwide who are specialists in this type of recycling operation. The cornerstone of the Eco Prospects ethos in delivering bespoke solutions is:

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If you are a waste producer or, more specifically, an anaerobic digester we provide commercial, regulatory and contractual advice including:

  • Feed stock sourcing: We understand the need for consistent feed stock that can achieve high gas yield potential, whilst maintaining a healthy environment for the bugs in the AD. Eco Prospects’s 20 years of experience in sourcing organic material across the UK reinforces the advice we provide.
  • Commercial advice: This includes understanding the drivers and returns for any start-up AD, matching the business plan to the reality of the current UK market. Our insightful and knowledgeable experience from the ‘real world’ could give you a quick and decisive approach to the way ahead whilst remaining open and leading on new ideas.
  • Sales channels: Sales channels can include digestate, compost or organic waste stream.
  • Legal and compliance advice:  FACTS qualifications and fine eye for the commercial detail of contracts and regulatory demands adds value here.
  • Contract management: We ensure what is paid for is what is delivered.  You’ve placed a contract, let’s make sure they perform!
  • Professional and accredited service: Statement of benefits and deployments for all UK regulatory bodies.
  • Haulage and application: Our best practice access and working partnership track record to major contractors across the country help us to understand the commercial aspects of the job and balance it in terms of risk.
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