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Agricultural Lime

Acid found in soil can be a common problem and is caused by the use of nitrogen fertilizer, slurry and high rainfall on the land.  As a soil conditioner lime has the ability to neutralise the acid.  This brings with it numerous advantages.

So, what are the benefits of regular lime applications to agricultural soils?

  • When applied lime can prompt a more efficient uptake of nutrients, including Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash, this will improve crop growth yield and make grass more palatable to livestock
  • Lime improves soil structure, and in conjunction with additions of organic matter, will also improve water and nutrient retention
  • Using a targeted approach, yearly rotational liming helps the fields varied soil make whether it is heavy or light soil
  • Application of lime with a variable rate spreader allows for a targeted approach to be utilised and enables the lime to be applied at different rates across a field to the affected areas, thus saving money by only treating the areas that need it and leaving those that don’t
  • Another benefit of a yearly rotational lime regime is that the grower can compensate applications to meet the needs of their most sensitive crops. As lime is a combination of the quick and slow-release adjustment of PH, this regime enables the grower to target the most effective and profitable crops in both yield and palatability

Eco Prospects can help and advise you on putting together a yearly liming programme while also taking into consideration factors such as grazing, silage, reseeding, slurry and fertilizer applications and working around these.

Lime Products

The liming products that we recommend include: –

True Magnesium Lime – All areas mentioned have a range of magnesium lime where the neutralizing value (NV) 54-58% and a magnesium content of 19%.

Granulated, Magnesium & Calcium Lime – This lime has a 54% neutralizing value (NV), and it contains 19% magnesium content. Eco Prospects can advise on which is your systems best approach and lime.

Applying lime is an effective method to improve the soil productivity on a farm and something that every farmer should invest in.  A liming programme for your farm should be established for a period of 3 to 5 years.

In order to ensure the best quality lime products and competitive pricing we work with S & S Agricultural Liming Ltd.

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Ben is passionate about products from waste to bring about change in resource management. very knowlegable and helpful problem solver but more importantly very honourable.

Michael Miller, Global Renewables.

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Worked with Ben finding land for Biosolids in Kent, Sussex and Hampshire. Ben’s ability to cultivate effective relationships with farmers and other stakeholders enabled him to deliver in a saturated and restricted market, that was being driven into negative value by the competition.

John Buckoe, Viridor,

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I have worked with Ben for three years on a number of project and business development initiatives. Ben stands out in my opinion for his creativity, his focus on developing bespoke solutions for customers and his determination to drive projects forward.

Jonathan Crampin, Veolia,

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Ben came to the farm with a great knowledge of agriculture and was able to understand not only my business but what was practical and achievable. Ben’s work was of a very high quality and depth and he was able to aid me in pointing out my weaknesses and my needs in driving my business forwards.

David Bushby, Watson Hill Farm, Egremont, Cumbria

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