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The British government have set out a 25 year plan with the objective of improving the environment within a generation.  Using and managing land sustainably is an integral part of this.  As a result, British agriculture is set to undergo some dramatic and challenging changes over the next 7 years in order to achieve this environmental plan.

Farming Rules for Water and Regulatory Position Statement 252 are current examples of this transitional change.  At the heart of these plans is the care and use of the soil and the benefits that soil brings to water, air, the environment and production.

Eco Prospects is thoroughly conversant with the rules and regulations that the government has introduced and what this means for the agricultural sector.  In the plan it states the need to “establish strategic, flexible and locally tailored approaches that recognise the relationship between the quality of the environment and development.” 

We have the experience and vision to put in place some or all of these “approaches” depending on what is most relevant, as well as help each individual farm to understand and apply the requirements laid out in the 25 year plan.  This will enable you to meet the challenges that these changes are inevitably bringing with flexibility, based on our 20 years of knowledge.

The basis behind this approach is to measure what resources that you as a farmer have in soil make up, inputs and the target threshold of your cropping.  Putting this altogether is done by entwining the three strands to the Eco Prospects business –

  • Soil and Crop Nutrition
  • Environmental Solutions
  • Regenerative Agriculture

These strands can be combined or alternatively, can be used in their own right, depending on the individual needs of your farm.

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Eco Prospects is a company specialising in recycling materials to land, sustainable woodland management and slurry storage systems. We deliver three core divisions:

  • Waste to land consultancy
  • Sustainable woodland management
  • Slurry storage systems
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Ben is passionate about products from waste to bring about change in resource management. very knowlegable and helpful problem solver but more importantly very honourable.

Michael Miller, Global Renewables.

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Worked with Ben finding land for Biosolids in Kent, Sussex and Hampshire. Ben’s ability to cultivate effective relationships with farmers and other stakeholders enabled him to deliver in a saturated and restricted market, that was being driven into negative value by the competition.

John Buckoe, Viridor,

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I have worked with Ben for three years on a number of project and business development initiatives. Ben stands out in my opinion for his creativity, his focus on developing bespoke solutions for customers and his determination to drive projects forward.

Jonathan Crampin, Veolia,

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Ben came to the farm with a great knowledge of agriculture and was able to understand not only my business but what was practical and achievable. Ben’s work was of a very high quality and depth and he was able to aid me in pointing out my weaknesses and my needs in driving my business forwards.

David Bushby, Watson Hill Farm, Egremont, Cumbria

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